L’ENVERS (Montréal)

L’envers…cofounded by fellow trumpeters Ellwood Epps and Philippe Battikha adjacent CP Railway

yard, 185 Van Horne, Montreal’s Mile End. First performance early summer 2008, evloving into 2-3

weekly shows, improvised music, experimental, electronic, film, dance, readings, celebrations. Close

association with weekly Mardi Spaghetti series (also starting 2008 same neighbourhood), renaissance

of improvised music scene Montreal. Living catalogue of creative music practice, 3-night minifestivals

of Nicolas Caloia’s and Michel F. Côté’s musics, visitors from a dozen countries (Marshall Allen,

Henry Grimes, Xavier Charles, Christian Wallumrod, Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Axel Dorner, Paal


Crazy rents and near burnout forces L’envers out of building. Concerts continue in other spaces

under artistic director Epps. As of summer 2013 well over 500 concerts, plus workshops, fundraisers,

rehearsals, bridges built, doors opened, music waking us all up in the world.


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